Russian RICO | Case by Case (Ep. 74)

As we are watching the breaking late-night US news that the former President, Donald Trump, and 18 others, have been indicted by grand jury with conspiracy under the RICO Act in the state of Georgia, USA – this Case by Case episode (#74) comes at an opportune time.

If you have not come across RICO and would like to know more about it, this is a good place to start. With his partners, Edward Floyd and Calum Cheyne, Luke Zadkovich explains the general basics of RICO before getting into specifics.

RICO actions can be brought by state prosecutors, as has been done against Trump today. Or RICO actions can be brought as a private civil suit. This podcast explores the latter.

As I say in the intro, RICO is not only about „mafia cases like in the Godfather movies“. And that comment was before today’s massive news.

This case focuses on the standing of non-US citizens to bring domestic US RICO private actions. What are the guardrails for such a claim? How do they work? What are predicate acts? What is a pattern?

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