Refining the Law on Foreign Experts | Case by Case (Ep. 71)

Case by Case 71 – Refining the law on Foreign Experts

“This is not a paid commercial… but … TimTams!”

After the yummy detour, this pod is about a serious arbitration topic.

The scope of an arbitration agreement. We know it well under English law. Here the question is subject to Iranian law.

Before an English arbitral panel (and challenged then appealed in the English courts up to the Court of Appeal). What legal principles from the incorporated foreign law should the English arbitral panel be guided by ?

It is a trap for the unwary.

As we say in this episode, if you have any cases where you need to present foreign legal expert evidence before an English arbitral tribunal or court, then highly recommend you have a listen. This case offers an excellent guide. We also discuss an interesting English arbitration procedure under sections 67 and 73 of the Arbitration Act 1996.

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Luke and Calum