Communication in the modern world is being revolutionised by technological change. This trend has legal, technical and commercial implications for every organisation.

Research and development are of utmost importance in this context. Inventors, innovators, tech suppliers and media providers all need to protect their investments and maximise their commercial opportunities.

Our lawyers at Zeiler Floyd Zadkovich are providing sophisticated, pragmatic advice for companies in the Technology, Media & Communication sectors.

Clients choose us for our commitment to achieving the best outcome in each and every case. Clients can expect the highest standards of international advocacy combined with full partner involvement. At the same time, our structure allows us to remain largely conflict-free and flexible.

Our experience spans all major industry sectors – we strongly believe that understanding the business context of a dispute is key to its resolution.

Advertising and Marketing

Technological change continues to impact every industry. None more so than advertising and marketing.

Businesses are required to adjust to new technologies, develop new distribution models and improve on managing digital content. Producing creative at scale across multiple platforms challenges companies to stay ahead, keep innovating and maintain relevance – often left to internal marketing teams without external marketing resources. With it comes a raft of legal issues.

Whether you are a start-up or an established firm in advertising and marketing, our firm understands the issues facing businesses today and can help you anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

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Patents or Trade Secrets/Know-How, Trademarks and Designs constitute core assets for an ever-increasing number of businesses in various sectors, including media and Information Technology. Similarly, copyrights form an essential value in numerous fields such as the creative arts industry.

We help you to effectively protect your trade secrets, enforce your Intellectual Property rights and support you in the resolution of unfair competition disputes. We assist in finding and delivering the ideal solution for your case in early negotiations or before courts and arbitral tribunals.

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Entertainment and media

Modern technology has become a constant and significant companion of working life. It allows companies to tailor their workflows in the most efficient ways. Employees, for their part, benefit from increased flexibility in their daily working routine. Data, as a product and tool, has become one of the most important keys to success for many businesses.

A digital working environment, however, requires appropriate protection against misconduct and external attacks. Especially since the implementation of the GDPR, companies have become increasingly aware of the impact of data protection issues on all business and industry sectors. Due to the hefty fines introduced by European legislators, compliance with the rules is paramount. Failure to safeguard people’s privacy or ensure security of their data can lead to substantial fines and severe damage to a company’s brand.

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Health tech / Life science

The changing technological landscape is also radically reshaping healthcare. Innovation opens new possibilities for prevention/treatment, empowers patients and allows for new commercial adjustments.

However, alongside the opportunities there are also challenges. If your business operates in the health or life sciences sectors, as your organization grows, you need to protect your technologies and commercial environment and safeguard the flexibility of your workforce.

We are a market-leading provider of legal services to businesses leveraging both established and emerging technologies.

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Businesses within the telecommunications sector are connecting our world in ever-developing ways. Entertainment, art and education are now distributed across networks and borders to complement the information and resource electronic exchange.

This has resulted in bespoke contractual and corporate arrangements. Legal protections over IP and systems, processes and approaches are paramount. It is also challenging businesses to do things differently. With this innovation comes new communication models – it also comes with a new legal landscape.

Our lawyers are adept at tackling the various issues that arise in this sector.

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Lisa Beisteiner
Partner - Vienna
Alfred Siwy
Partner - Vienna, London
Gerold Zeiler
Partner - New York, Vienna
Augusto Garcia Sanjur
Associate - London
  • Assisting a Japanese multination electrical engineering and software company with regard to employment law related questions of a restructuring process, including a social plan.

  • Negotiation of a settlement agreement with Austrian seated multinational technology company for its Korean business partner (avoiding ICC proceedings).

  • Representation of a world leading Austro-Canadian automotive contract manufacturer in a dispute regarding the conception of a new automobile for a Chinese car manufacturer (EUR 3 million, SCAI).

  • Assisting an international social networking company regarding employment matters and reviewing its employment contracts in Austria.

  • Advising a global provider of financial market data and infrastructure in employment law matters with regard to its Austrian subsidiary.

  • Assisting a Japanese video game and digital entertainment company in employment matters.

  • Assisting the client, a Japanese manufacturer of data carriers, in employment matters such as its bonus scheme or redundancies.

  • Assisting a leading operator of digital market places for real estate and automobiles with the solutions for their various day-to-day employment law issues, including drafting of the required contracts and termination agreements for various managers and managing directors.

  • Assisting one of the Europe’s biggest media groups, in employment matters, such as inter-group employment relationship.

  • Supporting a German IT company with regard to employment law matters, such as bonus agreements, changes in the management and the company car treatment.

  • Ongoing support of an Austrian advertising company with regard to employment law matters, including amendment of the bonus scheme, the introduction of a flexitime working scheme and the implementation of home office during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Advising an Austrian advertising company with regard to the redundancy of a long-time employee.

  • Assisting a U.S. measurement technology and laser scanning company with regard to the employment of its Austrian sales force.

  • Representation of a UK financial service company against a former employee in the court proceedings on damage claims (Austrian courts).

  • Assisting a Spanish technology consulting company with regard to its employment activities in Austria.

  • Ongoing employment and industrial relations law support of a multination Swedish business information company, including the amendment of the commission scheme and the establishment of an European Works Council.

  • Assisting a Japanese newspaper regarding their employees in their Austrian office.

  • Supporting a subsidiary of one of the biggest European media groups, with regard to the employment of one of their key employee’s within the group.

  • Supporting a French multinational engineering and technology consulting group in setting up their European Works Council.

  • Provision of legal advice to a Northern European telecom conglomerate regarding the settlement of a contractual dispute with an Asian telecommunications company regarding the outsourcing of network infrastructure.

  • Provided legal advice to a Finnish telcom conglomerate in the pre-trial phase against an Austrian construction company.

  • Advising a US digital marketing development company on incorporation of its Mexican subsidiary.

  • Representation of a Mexican entity in the digital marketing industry in negotiations with a major company in the business of co-working spaces on the anticipated termination of a co-working services agreement.

  • Representing a senior employee of an international mobile communications company in challenging the termination of his employment (Austrian employment courts).

  • Supporting a German planning and consulting company with all employment law aspects of the acquisition of an Austrian IT company.

  • Representing a senior employee of an international electronics group with regard to the termination of her employment relationship.

  • Supporting U.S. software company with regard to their Austrian employment contracts and redundancies.

    Chambers Global & Chambers Europe 2020

    • Lisa Beisteiner
      Dispute Resolution: Arbitration 2020 - Band 3
      "Lisa Beisteiner represents clients from the energy, retail and telecommunications sectors on corporate and commercial arbitration."