• Does wireless equal email? | Case by Case (Ep. 41)

    This week Luke Zadkovich and Calum Cheyne are back for a 1 on 1 episode after having a series of exciting guests on the podcast. They discuss London Arbitration 30/22, where the validity of a notice of readiness (NOR) submission via email is put into question. A quick and interesting one!

  • Trust us, we’re lawyers | Case by Case (Ep. 40)

    This week Luke Zadkovich and Calum Cheyne welcome a very special guest to another London studio recording – James d’Apice! James, Calum and Luke had a thrilling discussion about the New South Wales, Australia Supreme Court case Gillespie v Gillespies Cranes Nominees Pty Ltd [2022] NSWSC 1184.

  • A veritable smorgasbord of common FD&D disputes | Case by Case (Ep. 39)

    Moving up in the world! This time Luke and Calum stopped by a London recording studio, and for a guest well worth the upgrade. Jim Leighton of the North of England P&I Club has been a regular listener to the podcast since the early days, and we were thrilled to have him join us on this one.

    A great case to cover some serious territory – London Arbitration 29/22 featured in LMLN. A smorgasbord of shipping cases indeed… speed and performance, redelivery not in good condition, hull fouling, bimco piracy clause, vessel damage, redelivery without full bunkers and charges for tug assistance in the Mississippi River.

    Jim’s experience with handling these FD&D cases is market leading. It shows through in how he cuts through the heart of the issues in dispute. We hope you very much enjoy the episode!

  • Ready or Not | Case by Case (Ep. 38)

    In this episode of Case by Case, Luke Zadkovich and Calum Cheyne welcome ZFZ London associate Lucy Noble.

    The three discuss the English Commercial Court case of CM P-Max III Ltd v Petroleos Del Norte SA (Re MT Stena Primorsk Voyage Charter) [2022] EWHC 2147 (Comm) (12 August 2022).

    Don’t forget to check out our new YouTube channel for the video recording of this episode!

  • Delicate Subjects – “Shipper / Receiver Approvals” | Case by Case (Ep. 37)

    In this episode of Case by Case, Luke Zadkovich and Calum Cheyne welcome guest arbitrator Tim Hartland to discuss English Commercial Court case DHL Project & Chartering Ltd v Gemini Ocean Shipping Co Ltd [2022] EWHC 181 (Comm).

    Case by Case goes video this time! Check out our YouTube channel here to watch the podcast video.

  • Bells Angels: an exception | Case by Case (Ep. 36)

    This week, Luke and Calum discuss the English Commercial Court case of Lenkor Energy Trading DMCC v Irfan Iqbal Puri [2022] EWHC 2113 (Comm).

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