Lisa Beisteiner is partner with our firm and an expert in national and international dispute resolution, with a strong focus on international arbitration and litigation.

Lisa has extensive experience advising and representing clients in commercial and investment arbitration under various sets of rules, including the ICC, VIAC, UNCITRAL and ICSID rules. She regularly sits as an arbitrator in proceedings under the ICC, VIAC and DIS Rules and on ad hoc panels, including as chair of the tribunal and as sole arbitrator. Lisa also represents clients before the Austrian courts in commercial and corporate matters.

She advises clients in all industries with a recent focus in the fields of energy, construction and post M&A disputes. Drawing upon her dispute resolution expertise, her work also includes advising foreign and national parties in the drafting of complex contracts and in the negotiated settlement of their disputes.

Lisa regularly lectures on dispute resolution at international and national conferences. She has authored numerous publications in her field and is part of the board of the Young Austrian Arbitration Practitioners (which she co-chaired until 2020). Lisa is a graduate of the University of Vienna (Mag. iur. 2005, Dr. iur. 2008), both with distinction. She is also a certified mediator by ZivMediatG.

Lisa works in English (fluent) and German (native), has good working knowledge in French and a solid Spanish.

Highlights of Lisa’s work include the following:

  • Representation of a Southern European logistics company in Vienna-seated arbitration proceedings and settlement negotiations against a German service provider (VIAC).

  • Representation of an US entity in Czech-centred post M&A and fraud case (EUR 10 million, ICC ).

  • Negotiation of a settlement agreement with Austrian seated multinational technology company for its Korean business partner (avoiding ICC proceedings).

  • Representation of a Southern European gas trader in arbitral proceedings against a Central European multinational regarding the revision of gas storage contracts (EUR 15 million, ad hoc arbitration/Leipzig, Germany).

  • Representation of an Eastern European state in an investment arbitration against a Dutch investor in the commodity trading sector (EUR 120 million, PCA).

  • Representation of a Turkish construction company in the enforcement of a European arbitral award (EUR 2 million, Austrian court).

  • Representation of a market-leading, global consumer goods manufacturer and retailer against a Central European supplier regarding damages for breach of contract (EUR 5 million, ICC).

  • Representation of a global energy major in arbitral proceedings against a Western European energy company regarding the amendment of a gas supply contract in Eastern Europe (EUR 316 million, ICC).

  • Representation of a Central Asian state in an investment arbitration against a foreign investor active in the mining industry (Moscow Chamber of Commerce, USD 118 million).

  • Representation of an European oil&gas incumbent in a post-M&A dispute regarding the sale of a network of petrol stations against a Central European energy incumbent (EUR 4 million, ICC).

Interested in specific aspects of Lisa’s recent work? Contact for further reference cases.

Professional Experience

  • Partner, Zeiler Floyd Zadkovich , Vienna/Austria (since 2020)
  • Partner,, Vienna/Austria (2014-2020)
  • Associate, Schönherr, Vienna/Austria (2009-2014)
  • Intern, Court of Justice of the European Communities, Conseiller Juridique, Luxembourg (2009)
  • Clerkship, Austrian Courts, Vienna/Austria (2008-2009)
  • Senior Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Vienna/Austria (2005-2008)
  • Legal Assistant, Manz, Legal Department, Vienna/Austria (2001-2004)
  • Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Corps de Ballet, Düsseldorf/Germany (2000-2001)


  • Austrian Bar Exam (with distinction), University of Vienna, Vienna/Austria (2011)
  • Trained Mediator, ZivMediatG, Vienna/Austria (2011)
  • Doctor of Law (with distinction), University of Vienna, Vienna/Austria (2008)
  • Europäisches Forum Alpbach (with distinction), Diploma in European Law (2008)
  • Magister Iuris (with distinction), University of Vienna, Vienna/Austria (2005)
  • Best Graduate Award of the Federal Ministry of Education (2004-2005)
  • University of Essex, Colchester/UK (2004-2005)

Handelsblatt 2023

  • Schiedsverfahren, Streitbeilegung, Mediation

Handelsblatt 2022

Best Lawyers 2024

  • Arbitration & Mediation

Leaders League 2023

  • International Arbitration: Leading Individual 2023 (Austria)

Best Lawyers 2023

  • Arbitration & Mediation

Chambers Global 2023

  • Dispute Resolution: Arbitration (Austria: Band 2)
    Lisa Beisteiner rises in the rankings due to strong market recognition of her work. She represents commercial companies and sovereign states in investment and commercial arbitration, often relating to the energy and construction sectors. "Lisa is just a brilliant counsel and arbitrator with great commercial awareness.", "She provides excellent service and legal advice on highly complex matters.", "She is a superb lawyer and very smart. She is a pleasure to work with."

Leaders League 2022

  • Thought Leader - Arbitration 2022
    "Lisa is probably the best young arbitrator in Austria", "She is procedurally excellent", "She is a very effective practitioner", "She is a real star for arbitration"
  • Austria: Arbitration 2022
    "Lisa is probably the best young arbitrator in Austria" "She is procedurally excellent" "She is a very effective practitioner" "She is a real star for arbitration"

Chambers Global 2022

  • Dispute Resolution: Arbitration (Austria: Band 3)
    Lisa Beisteiner represents commercial companies and sovereign states in investment and commercial arbitration, often relating to the energy and construction sectors. "Lisa is very thorough in preparing arguments, going through details, identifying the key points, delivering and presenting the case to the arbitrator," a source says.

Best Lawyers 2022

  • Arbitration & Mediation 2022

Chambers Europe 2022

Chambers Global 2021

  • Dispute Resolution: Arbitration (Austria: Band 3)
    "Lisa Beisteiner is referred to by interviewees as being "extremely bright. ‘Her practice covers investment, contract and transactional arbitration’.”

Chambers Europe 2021

  • Dispute Resolution: Arbitration (Austria: Band 3)

Expert Guides 2021

  • Next Generation Partner - Dispute Resolution: Arbitration and Mediation

Best Lawyers 2021

  • Arbitration and Mediation 2021
  • Next generation partner 2020

Benchmark Litigation 2020

  • Dispute Resolution Star (Commercial Arbitration, Energy and Natural Resources, International Arbitration)

Chambers Global & Chambers Europe 2020

  • Dispute Resolution: Arbitration 2020 - Band 3
    "Lisa Beisteiner represents clients from the energy, retail and telecommunications sectors on corporate and commercial arbitration."
  • Austria: Arbitration 2020
  • "One of the leading names in the market", Lisa Beisteiner is highlighted for her ability to "pick out the strategies needed to succeed in a case".

Chambers Global 2019

  • Leading Individual 2019 (Band 3, Dispute resolution)
    "Lisa Beisteiner is best known for her work on energy disputes and she frequently appears in front of several major arbitration courts. Clients say: "She is very strong, she digs into the topic and very passionately makes it her own.""

LMG Expert Guides 2019

  • Recommended Expert: Commercial Arbitration 2019
  • "the ”very smart” Lisa Beisteiner, who is also ”pleasant to work with”"
  • "Lisa Beisteiner is a “highly skilled“ practitioner who impresses market commentators with her “immense dedication and experience“."

Chambers Global 2018

  • Leading Individual 2018 (Band 3, Dispute resolution)
    "Lisa Beisteiner advances in the rankings this year as a result of highly positive market feedback and taking a key role in the firm's instructions. "I think she is one of the rising superstars in arbitration in Austria," a client says, and praises her as "highly analytical: getting very deep into the facts and circumstances." Another client notes her impressive working speed."

Chambers Global 2017

  • Leading Individual 2017 (Band 4, Dispute resolution)

Chambers Europe 2017

  • Leading Individual 2017 (Band 4, Dispute resolution)
    "Lisa Beisteiner represents energy clients as well as international corporates in VIAC and ICC proceedings. Sources describe her as a “very dedicated, very friendly and extremely sharp” practitioner."
  • "Lisa Beisteiner is “very bright, outstanding both academically and as counsel“"

Chambers Global 2016

  • "Focusing on both domestic and international arbitration and particularly active in the energy sector, Lisa Beisteiner is described as a lawyer who is "dedicated and bright with great business acumen."" Chambers Global 2016

Chambers Global 2015

  • "Lisa Beisteiner of Rechtsanwälte GmbH is a visible figure in arbitration proceedings involving the energy industry."

Chambers Europe 2014

  • "Lisa Beisteiner is developing a busy arbitration practice, with peers and clients continuing to praise her activity in this area."