• Aussie Gurls v California Gurls | Case by Case (Ep. 63)

    Aussie Gurls v California Gurls | Case by Case (Ep. 63)

    Case by Case – episode 63: Aussie gurls v California gurls
    Katie Perry vs Katy Perry

    Delighted to be joined by Dr Romina Santos Reyftmann on the pod this week. Romina is our Pro Bono Coordinator at Zeiler Floyd Zadkovich. We recorded this episode, “Last Friday Night” – well kind of.

  • Are Bitcoin Developers Fiduciaries? | Case by Case (Ep. 53)

    Are Bitcoin Developers Fiduciaries? | Case by Case (Ep. 53)

    Do bitcoin developers owe fiduciary duties to users?
    How does the law overlay and cope with a fast developing area of societal life? How should the law regulate the internet?
    These are questions for our time. And questions that will impact the future significantly.
    Absolutely fascinating seeing the English Court of Appeal grapple with these issues on case Tulip Trading Limited (A Seychelles Company) v Bitcoin Association For BSV & Ors [2023] EWCA Civ 83 (03 February 2023) – even if this is only Part 1 in the saga.
  • IPDC2022


    To foster the exchange necessary for rethinking what the legal landscape could look like in a world dominated by automated, data-driven discovery, we brought together international legal experts and experts from science and technology. At the conference, the teams and individual speakers will present their approaches to topics including patent law and blackbox algorithms, protectability of AI generated inventions, access to and protection of datasets, algorithmic bias and more. Join the conference for introductions and updates on legal developments in a data-driven economy fueled by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    Speakers include Ryan Abbott (University of Surrey and UCLA, DABUS project), Dr. Ulrike Till (WIPO), Philipp Homar (University of Linz), Jacques de Werra (University of Geneva), Alexandra Ebert and Paul Tiwald (MOSTLY AI), Żaneta Zemła – Pacud (Polish Academy of Sciences), Fabian Stanke (SONN Patentanwälte), Andreas Tinhofer (ZFZ), Matteo Aldeghi (MIT), Christoph Langer (IMBA), Melina Peer (ZFZ). The conference will be moderated by Alexander Zojer (ZFZ) and Lukas Hutter (biotop).

    This is an in-person event. Attendance is free of charge, but seating will be limited – for a guaranteed place at the conference, please make sure to register here.

  • Disputes for Tea | Intellectual Property

    Disputes for Tea | Intellectual Property

    “The Human Factor – Creation, Ownership and Infringement of IP Rights in the Age of AI”
    With Alexander Zojer and Lukas Hutter.

    Monday, 25 April 2022
    15:00 CET / 09:00 EST

  • Christian Weisgram

    Christian Weisgram

  • Data Protection and IP Update

    Data Protection and IP Update

    The European Commission has been busy and released several documents on salient issues relating to IP and Data Protection: