• Two Minute Case-Law: The “Alpha Harmony”

    Two Minute Case-Law: The “Alpha Harmony”

    The “Alpha Harmony” was a lesson in paying close attention to the Laycan provisions in voyage charterparties. The Vessel tendered NOR on a Sunday morning. Charterers under both a Head Charter and a Sub-Charter had a right to cancel later on the Sunday (12:00 under the sub-charter; 23:59 under the head charter). Charterers under each Charterparty purported to cancel.

  • Master Program “Strategic HR Management in Europe”

    Master Program “Strategic HR Management in Europe”

    University of Applied Science BFI Vienna
    Course: Master Program “Strategic HR Management in Europe” Session title: “European Labour Law”
    spring 2020



    US Supreme Court decides that the safe berth clause establishes a warranty of safety. A monumental, yet widely expected, decision.

  • Free Trade Agreements 2020

    Free Trade Agreements 2020

    “Free Trade Agreements and European Integration of SEE Countries”, Faculty of Law University of Belgrade
    Master’s Program, Jean Monnet Project (sponsored by European Commission)
    21 and 22 March 2020


  • Economic Sanctions

    Economic Sanctions

    “The Impact of Economic Sanctions on International Arbitration” Vienna Arbitration Days 2020, Vienna (Austria)
    22 February 2020

  • Coronavirus and Force Majeure

    Coronavirus and Force Majeure

    It has been widely reported that LNG receivers in China have recently declared force majeure on LNG contracts due to disruptions caused by the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) which has now been given the official name COVID-19 (“novel coronavirus”). This was done after force majeure certificates were issued from the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (“CCPIT”), with the approval of China’s Ministry of Commerce.