Wagatha Christie – Vardy vs Rooney. Leicester vs Man U. English player’s wife vs English player’s wife | Case by Case (Ep. 31)

Yes, we have strayed away from commercial litigation and arbitration in the world of PR, celebrity, football, gossip mags, leaks, lies and truth. This case is a surreal insight into the media industry and what goes on around the world of professional football.

It is amazing that this case went through to hearing. That we have a High Court judgment detailing the ins and outs of text messages between ‘wags’ of the English football team and between celebrity and agent. The English football national former captain in the witness box.

Was Ms Rooney’s great reveal Instagram Post that Ms Vardy was leaking personal information about her life a true statement or a lie?

Huge reputations on the line. Some have been smashed by this decision – in no uncertain terms. In football, it was also risky going toe to toe with Mr Rooney. Seems as though, in celebrity PR maneuvering, going toe to toe with Ms Rooney is just as risky…

Us being us, we couldn’t only focus on the personality of the decision. We talk about some quite serious takeaways on legal case strategy, evidence gathering, evidence presentation and how to win a high-stakes case.

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