Edward Floyd ist Partner unserer Kanzlei mit Schwerpunkt auf internationalen Streitigkeiten im Bereich Schifffahrt und Commodities. Er verfügt über langjährige Prozesserfahrung vor Federal Courts in den Vereinigten Staaten und in Schiedsverfahren nach einer Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Schiedsregeln.

Ed Floyd arbeitet in New York und war zuvor bereits auch in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Arkansas und Kalifornien als Anwalt tätig. Darüber hinaus berät er Mandanten in seerechtlichen und Handelsschiedsverfahren nach verschiedenen Regeln, einschließlich der SMA-, ICC- und GAFTA-Regeln, sowie in ad-hoc-Verfahren.

Eds ist häufig in den Bereichen Havarie, Schiffskollisionen, Charterverträge und daraus resultierende Streitigkeiten, Schiffsbeschlagnahmen und Sanktionen tätig. Er berät Mandanten regelmäßig zu Betrugsvorwürfen, Fragen des Corporate Veil-Piercing und komplexen finanziellen Angelegenheiten im Zusammenhang mit der internationalen Schifffahrt und der Commodities-Branche.

Ed ist Absolvent der Fordham Law School (2004). Er schloss sein Undergraduate Studium an der United States Naval Academy ab und beendete sein Studium 1996 mit Auszeichnung. Im Anschluss diente er als Infanterieoffizier im aktiven Dienst im US-Marinekorps, hauptsächlich als Artillerieoffizier in der Reserve mit beträchtlicher Kommandoerfahrung und wurde zum schließlich LtCol ernannt. Seine militärische Erfahrung, gerade im Management herausfordernder logistischer Abläufe, bildet eine ideale Ergänzung seiner transportrechtlichen Expertise.

Ed arbeitet auf Englisch (Muttersprache) und hat gute Kenntnisse in Italienisch und Französisch.

Ausgewählte Referenzfälle:

  • Advised Italian shipowner on sanctions related to trade in South and Middle America.

  • Advised major European shipping company on the provision of an insurance product in England, Australia and the United States.

  • Representation of European bank regarding recovery of a multi-million dollar claim against an insolvent entity under claims relating to mis-delivery of cargo. Assertively pursued security actions against possible assets and successfully obtained an attachment over assets belonging to an alter-ego in a US targeting a vessel in the Southern District of Texas. In a reported decision, successfully defeated post-discovery motion to vacate seizure order and dismiss action. Global litigation included proceedings in UK and East Asia.

  • Representation of Italian shipowners in defense of numerous cargo claims resulting from signficant vessel incident involving major container loss.

  • Representation of clients, multiple entities from multiple countries involved in exchange trading business, in defense of fraud allegations brought by a Greek billionaire and related companies.

  • Representation of Eastern European state in the Southern District of New York regarding enforcement proceedings arising from an UNCITRAL arbitral award. Successfully obtained attachment of funds deposited with arbitral body.

  • Representing a global trading service in a successful strike out/summary judgment application and security for costs application in the High Court of England & Wales, after allegations were made of breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and commission of the tort of conspiracy to injure by unlawful means.

  • Advised Skandinavian shipowner regarding informal arrest of vessel in Venezuela on claims of “stolen cargo” valued at several million USD.

  • Defended oil spill indemnification claims against client time charterer following oil spill event on Mississippi.

  • Representaiotn of major turkish conglomerate in pursuit of claims against US manufacturer of heavy equipment for defects and return of deposits, successful defeat of subject matter jurisdiction challenge involving the structural nature of a Turkish A.S. (Anonim Sirket).

Sie interessieren sich für weitere Referenzfälle oder eine Liste in deutscher Sprache? Kontaktieren Sie bitte [email protected] – vielen Dank.

Berufliche Erfahrung

  • Partner, Zeiler Floyd Zadkovich, New York/USA (seit 2020)
  • Partner, Floyd Zadkovich, New York/USA (2017-2020)
  • Attorney, Eaton & Van Winkle LLP, New York/USA (2007-2016)
  • Major, Officer-in-Charter for Detention Operations, MNF-W/Iraq (2006)
  • Attorney, K&L Gates, New Jersey/USA (2004-2007)
  • Infantry Officer, US Marine Corps, multiple locations (1996-2001)
  • Member of the Maritime Law Association of the United States (extended period)
  • Member of the New York City Bar Association (extended period)


  • Graduate, US Marine Corps Command & Staff College (DEP), Virginia/USA (2012)
  • Juris Doctor, Fordham Law School, New York/USA (2004)
  • Bachelor of Science (with merit), United States Naval Academy, Annapolis/USA (1996)

Super Lawyers 2022

Super Lawyers 2021

Chambers USA 2022

Chambers USA 2021

  • USA Nationwide: Transportation - Shipping/Maritime: Litigation (New York) (Band 4)

Chambers & Partners USA 2020

  • Ranked Individual (Band 4 - US Nationwide Shipping/Maritime)
    “Ed Floyd has noteworthy experience advising clients on maritime and trading law. His broad practice covers cargo damage and loss, charter party disputes and sanctions advice.”

Super Lawyers

  • New York Super Lawyer 2016 - 2020
  • ZFZ New York Lunch & Seminars 2023

    ZFZ New York Lunch & Seminars 2023

    We had a remarkable time at our New York client event last week!

  • Disputes for Tea | Sanctions – 18 January 2023

    Disputes for Tea | Sanctions – 18 January 2023

    Disputes for Tea | Sanctions

    „The International Coalition Price Cap on Russian Origin Crude Oil and Petroleum Products – Learning from the Crude Oil Cap in Preparation for the Products Cap“

    Wednesday, 18 January 2023, 09:00 EST / 15:00 CET

  • ZFZ US Shipping Team is Recommended by Legal 500!

    ZFZ US Shipping Team is Recommended by Legal 500!

    Congrats to our US shipping team for another The Legal 500 (Legalease) US ranking!

  • ZFZ Listed in Shipping Rankings by Chambers USA 2022!

    ZFZ Listed in Shipping Rankings by Chambers USA 2022!

    We are delighted to announce that our firm has been ranked once again as a leading firm in Nationwide Transportation: Shipping/ Maritime by Chambers and Partners USA 2022.

  • Update | Economic and Financial Sanctions Against Russia Imposed by the US, UK and EU Against Russia – Ukraine Conflict

    Update | Economic and Financial Sanctions Against Russia Imposed by the US, UK and EU Against Russia – Ukraine Conflict

    This update is the first of several which ZFZ will produce to keep our clients informed as we monitor the rapidly changing security situation in Ukraine. We believe we are uniquely placed to assist our clients in this current fast-moving situation. Support is likely to be needed in a variety of contexts, for example advice as to whether a client is captured by the sanctions or whether a contract with a Russian counterparty can be performed and support on opportunities and projects that arise in relation to alternative energy sources because of the sanctions on Russian energy providers. We have the experience and expertise to assist all our client’s requirements.

  • Ed, Luke and Eva-Maria Ranked in Super Lawyers 2021!

    Ed, Luke and Eva-Maria Ranked in Super Lawyers 2021!

    Congratulations to our Ed Floyd, Luke Zadkovich and Eva-Maria Mayer for being ranked in the 2021 edition of Super Lawyers for their work in Transportation and Maritime!

  • New Shipping Rankings from Chambers USA!

    New Shipping Rankings from Chambers USA!

    We’re delighted to have been recognized for our US shipping work once again from Chambers and Partners USA!

  • Disputes for Tea | Arbitration

    Disputes for Tea | Arbitration

    „False Friends in Arbitration: A Transatlantic Comparison of Arbitrability“

    Arbitrability and competence-competence are fundamental cornerstones of international arbitration. Yet, the meaning and application of these principles differs quite significantly across the Atlantic. Our team has experienced this first hand in cases worldwide across many sectors – from shipping to energy to construction.

    Join us on May 20 for a comparative deconstruction of some of the basic rules applying at the intersection of state courts and arbitral tribunals with University of Innsbruck Professor Hubertus Schumacher and our New York partner Edward Floyd, moderated by Gerold Zeiler

    Thursday, 20 May 2021
    15:00 Central European Time / 09:00 Eastern Standard Time

  • Ed Floyd presents at event for US intel community

    Ed Floyd presents at event for US intel community

    Partner Edward Floyd had the honor this week of briefing a great group from the US intel community on the interrelation between maritime law and national security.

  • Anti-Suit Injunctions: A Race Against the Clock

    Anti-Suit Injunctions: A Race Against the Clock

    A four-month delay in bringing an anti-suit injunction was held to prevent its issue in Enka v Chubb Insurance [2020] 1 Lloyd’s Rep. 71. PJSC was the contractor for the construction of a power plant.