Ashwin Shanker and Luke Zadkovich discuss liens, LOIs, force majeure and COVID-19 Early Contract and Charterparty Review (Part 16 of Economic Crisis Series)

Luke Zadkovich hosts Ashwin Shanker in our ongoing series looking at the legal issues caused across the world by the COVID-19 crisis. Luke and Ashwin look in detail at the issues thrown up by COVID-19 in India, including a fascinating insight into how to extract security against parties. Including commentary on security actions against vessels and cargo in support of claims. Ashwin Shanker is a Partner at the Chambers of George A Rebello, a leading shipping law boutique in India. Ashwin specialises in ship arrest/security actions in India, as well as dealing with all other types of maritime claim. Luke Zadkovich is a founding partner at ZFZ. Luke’s work frequently includes security actions and Luke has recently published an article on ship owners‘ liens in the Tulane Maritime Law Journal.